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Elfen Lied (エルフェンリート, Erufen Rīto) is a Japanese manga series created by manga author Lynn Okamoto. A thirteen-episode anime television series adaptation based on the manga was produced by the studio ARMS and broadcast on TV Tokyo from July to October 2004; the anime was later licensed in North America on DVD by ADV Films. The anime started before the manga was complete; as a result, the plot differed between the two, especially towards the ending of the story. In 2005, a special original video animation, written to occur between the tenth and eleventh episodes of the series, was released. The title is German for "Elf Song" and takes its name from the poem "Elfenlied" by Eduard Morike.


Elfen Lied takes place in the coastal areas surrounding Kamakura, Japan. It focuses on a new evolution emerging from the Human race - called Diclonius, due to the two cat-ear-like horns atop their heads. With an outer physiology very similar to ordinary Human beings, they differ deeply at the genetic level and possess psychokinetic powers in the form of invisible energy arms that can move objects, destroy them and kill, as well as causing Human males to sire new Diclonius children. One such Diclonius, called Lucy, is the main character of the series, and is in essence the 'Queen' of this new species. When we first meet her, she stages a bloody escape from an island facility built to experiment on and contain her kind, located off the Kamakura coast in Kanagawa Prefecture. After killing many facility personnel, she is injured while making her way out.

Washing ashore near Kamakura, she is found by two childhood friends, reuniting to go the nearby university. Kouta, the young man, is returning to Kamakura after a long absence and the death of his family years before, and is amnesiac as to that time, something that frustrates his cousin Yuka, who has had a long-standing crush on him. Seeing that the injured Lucy, who has suffered amnesia herself and become the childlike 'Nyu', is helpless, they agree to take her in. This leads to the pair becoming involved in her world, including the danger that the 'Lucy' personality will reassert itself. As the story later reveals, in fact all three have childhood connections, hidden at first by the mutual amnesia suffered by Kouta and Nyu.

The story also centers on the efforts of those who once held Lucy to recapture or kill her. Some, like the scientist Kurama, honestly want her taken down to deal with the danger she poses to Humanity. Some, like the elite Special Assault Team member Bando, relish the challenge she poses and want revenge for her savagery. Another Diclonius girl, named Nana, thinks of Kurama as her father and pays a heavy price for her decision to try and bring Lucy in by herself. Two more girls, Mayu and Nozomi move in with Kouta, Yuka, Nyu and Nana, fleeing homes that were either unsupportive or nightmarishly abusive. It is eventually shown that Kurama's boss, Chief Kakuzawa, charged by the Japanese government with containing the Diclonius threat, has a conspiratorial agenda all his own that threatens everyone. Characters run the gamut from mostly innocent to conflicted to complete monster. We also learn that Lucy didn't simply start life as an uncaring psychopath, though her actions still push the reader's sympathies to the breaking point. Very few characters have a happy backstory, especially the Diclonius.

The anime features a 'localized' ending that allows for a second season that has yet to emerge, departing from the manga about forty chapters away from its conclusion. In this version, Lucy is forced to leave her friends and Kouta, whom she loves, facing down an army sent to kill or capture her, with strong hints that she survived. In the manga, the plans of Chief Kakuzawa end up threatening the whole world. In both versions, Kouta's childhood memories return, leading to his confrontation with Lucy over her role in his past. The conclusion is firmer and darker, but allows for some hope on several fronts.

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The Elfen Lied Wiki contains full and complete synopses of all 107 regular and two special manga chapters, as well as all 13 regular, one OVA anime episode, and a manga-format short piece that is set in the anime continuity. It contains full biographical articles for all primary, secondary and tertiary characters, as well as a comprehensive article listing all minor characters in the manga and anime. A series of Story Arc Digests based on the manga is also available for a quicker but still thorough plot overview. A Timeline, which attempts to list all the history of the characters and events in the series is set up, using the main character's birth as the pivot point. This includes a speculated anime variant, citing issues in history and plot that may vary from the manga version. A series of essays has been created explaining how the series uses the often powerful social issues it touches upon. Other articles include weapons seen in the series, science and technology, series locations, the direct and indirect creators of the series in both versions, as well as listings by fan-creators to make their works known and centralize all information relating to Elfen Lied. One article covers the many differences between the manga and the anime versions of the series. Recently begun are full episode transcripts of the anime series, listing spoken dialogue, subbed dialogue, and character/scene/location/action descriptions. The intent is to complete this for all fourteen current episodes. Of recent note is a synopsis, possibly the first ever outside of Japan, of a short story by Lynn Okamoto called Elfen Lied but not featuring any characters or situations in the better-known series, and created prior to it. Other such synopses are to follow, and one of our prime users has 'adopted' the somewhat overlooked skiing manga Nononono, which was Okamoto's follow-up series. One of the most recent additions covers the narrative gaps in the series, inevitable but often frustrating to fans.

The goal of the wiki is to gather all accurate information about this sometimes-polarizing series.

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