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Eagle: The Making of an Asian-American President (イーグル, Īguru) is a seinen manga by Kaiji Kawaguchi serialized in Big Comic, a manga magazine published by Shogakukan.


Eagle takes place during the 2000 presidential election. Some of the characters are entirely original, such as Senator Kenneth Yamaoka (D-NY) (ケネス・ヤマオカ Kenesu Yamaoka) and the series protagonist, Japanese journalist Takashi Jo (城 鷹志 Jō Takashi). Others are fictionalized depictions of real people, such as campaign advisor George Tuck (based on Dick Tuck), Democratic Vice-President Al Noah (based on Al Gore), and the current president Bill Clayton (ビル・クライトン Biru Kuraiton, based on Bill Clinton), who hails from Arkansas, has faced multiple scandals, and has a politically ambitious wife named Ellery Clayton (エラリー・クライトン Erarī Kuraiton). Kawaguchi was reported inspired to create the manga after watching the 1992 documentary The War Room.

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