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Detective Conan (名探偵 コナン, Meitantei Konan) is a manga series written and illustrated by Gosho Aoyama. It is a detective manga series that is partially based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes. The name Detective Conan come's from the mystery writer and world famous author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.


A young prodigy named Shinichi Kudo solve case by case with his powerful deduction reasoning. He was called Modern Holmes (JP: Heisei No Hömuzu) literally Heisei's Holmes or also the savior of the Japanese police force. He's grown up around his father's books about detectives. He started a detective life when he was 6. One day at a case, he eavesdropped on two mysterious men from a secret crime organization later been known as the Black Organization that were blackmailing a man from a corporation that was smuggling guns which that the organization got a tape of and trade it for money. One of them (Gin) snuck behind him and hit him on the head. Later what happnens is that Gin gives Shinichi a strange poison named APTX 4869. The poison is only supposed to kill Shinichi but eventually makes shrinks him into a grade schooler. After that he tried so many times to say that he's Shinichi but nobody would believe him. Later he went to his own house where he meets his friend Professor Agasa. Later what happens is that Shinichi wears his old clothes again and receives a warning from Professor Agasa that nobody must know that he's Shinichi. Ran appears and Shinichi must hide somewhere. Later Ran comes and Shinichi takes his father's glasses when that Ran sees there's Shinichi. Later what happens is that Ran wanna now know how old Shinichi is....Shinichi cannot say his real age so he says that he's 10 years younger. Later what happens is that Ran asks for Shinichi's name...Shinichi says almost his original name but where he was standing near the books and sees Conan Edogawa coming from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, lit. the famous mystery writer who's known around the world and Edogawa Rampo lit. the famous mystery writer in Japan. Professor Agasa suggests that Conan must stay by Ran. Eventually Conan starts to doubt it, but after he heard about that he can collect information of the secret crime organization he agreed. After it's known that Ran really does love Shinichi, Conan wants to turn back into Shinichi quickly. After an unhappy case for Conan he's in the office of Kogoro Mouri the defective detective. Conan plans to capture the Black Organization with various kinds of gadgets like the Power Kick Shoes, the Power Belt and various kind of gadgets from Professor Agasa. The rival of Holmes (never been mentioned toward Doyle) is the Arséne-Lupin-like Kaitou Kid from Magic Kaito. During his pursuit towards the Black Organization he meets the phantom thief Kid, the FBI, CIA members, new detectives and various difficult cases (the famed Detective Conan must be in respect of difficult cases if he wants to call himself the 21st century Holmes, normally nobody could ever replace Holmes.) He meet Ai Haibara an ex-member of the organization (original name Shiho Miyano) the creator of the shrinking drug APTX 4869. However, it was not originally not created by her, but by her parents - she finished it for him. Conan must find the organization hideout and get the antidote from the secret crime organization to get his body back and tell his feelings towards Ran.

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