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Dallos Wiki
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Dallos (ダロス, Darosu) is a Japanese science fiction OVA released in 1983, directed by Mamoru Oshii and created by Oshii and Hisayuki Toriumi (who also wrote the scripts with Oshii). It is widely considered the first OVA ever released.

In 1991, Celebrity Home Entertainment released an American dub of the series on VHS under the title Battle for Moon Station Dallos. The three episodes were edited together as a film. This feature version was later reissued by Best Film and Video Corp simply titled "Dallos". Discotek Media may release the OVA series in uncut form on DVD in 2014.


In a near future, mankind has moved from a drained Earth to the Moon. Rebel acts of terrorism lead to conflicts with the Earth Federal Government. A mysterious entity called Dallos appears to restore hope.

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