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Comic Beam (コミックビーム) is a Japanese seinen manga magazine published by Enterbrain on a monthly basis since November 1995. In 2006, it had a circulation of 25,000.[1] Popular manga serialized in Comic Beam include Kaoru Mori's Emma about the love story between a maid and an aristocratic man in Victorian England. Emma was adapted into an anime series and translated into many languages. Koi no Mon (Otakus in Love) revolves around a group of otaku, their lives and romantic relationships. The comedy by Hanyu-new was made into a film in 2004. Comic Beam is considered an "alternative" manga magazine in the Japanese publishing industry, where its 25,000 circulation is less than 1% of other more popular manga magazines like Weekly Shōnen Jump. Its small but loyal readership is regarded as consisting largely of hardcore comic enthusiast and art students.

Serialized titlesEdit

  • Astral Project (Astral Project 月の光) by Marginal and Syuji Takeya
  • Bambi and Her Pink Gun by Atsushi Kaneko
  • Desert Punk by Usune Masatoshi
  • Emma by Kaoru Mori
    • Emma Bangaihen by Kaoru Mori
  • Fancy Gigolo Peru (ファンシージゴロ▼ペル) by Junko Mizuno
  • King of Thorn by Yuji Iwahara
  • Shōnen Shōjo (少年少女) by Satoshi Fukushima
  • Soil (ソイル) by Atsushi Kaneko
  • Wandering Son by Takako Shimura
  • Yajikita in Deep (弥次喜多 in DEEP) by Kotobuki Shiriagari
  • Thermae Romae by Mari Yamazaki


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