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Chicago (シカゴ, Shikago) is a near-future action manga written by Yumi Tamura. It was published by Shogakukan in Betsucomi from November 2000 to May 2001 and collected in two bound volumes under the Flower Comics imprint. It is licensed in North America by Viz Media, which serialized it in Animerica Extra.


It is the middle of the 21st century and Tokyo is expanding more and more, filling the ground of Tokyo bay with landfill to make room for the bursting population. But suddenly Tokyo suffers its greatest earthquake since the first quarter of the 20th century, and the landfill liquefies, creating untold damage in the newly made urban area. It is there that the members of Self-Defense Force Rescue Squad Four are sent, to locate survivors and assist in any way possible. But what they dig up is a plot of murder and destruction — one that wipes out nearly the entire squad and leaves its two surviving members, the fierce tomboy Rei and her cool, handsome partner Uozumi, in a fight for their lives well after the rubble from the quake has been cleaned up. There is only one place where they can find the work that keeps them alive, and the support so they can start uncovering the mystery that killed their squad: that's in the south-Shinjuku bar called Chicago.

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