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Butterflies, Flowers

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Butterflies, Flowers (蝶よ花よ, Chou yo Hana yo) is a manga series written and illustrated by Yuki Yoshihara, serialized in Petit Comic and published by Shogakukan in bound volumes between 2006 and 2009. It is about a young woman, Choko, whose family lost their money, and her entry into the office lady workforce, working for her former servant and childhood crush, Domoto. It was licensed in English by Viz Media, in Taiwanese by Tong Li Publishing, and in French by Soleil Productions.


Choko Kuze is the sensible daughter of a venerable family who went bankrupt. She joins a real estate company as an entry-level office worker, but her eccentric boss is harder on her than anyone else in the company! After hearing him inadvertently call her "milady", she realizes he was the young servant boy she knew as a child. At work he's a tyrant, but after hours he insists on treating her like a lady of the nobility. Is romance even possible for a couple locked in such a crazy role reversal?

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