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Busou Shinki Moon Angel is an original anime produced by Kinema Citrus based on the figure line to coincide with the Mk. 2 game. The series was released in ten downloadable episodes beginning from September 7, 2011 before receiving a Blu-ray and DVD release on March 15, 2012.


An Arnval Shinki unit is injured whilst trying to escape from another Shinki unit named Strarf. She is found by a boy named Tsubasa, who repairs her and names her Kaguya. During a battle against another Shinki, Kaguya suddenly demonstrates a strange power taking over her, becoming separated from Tsubasa whilst trying to escape the angry crowd. She encounters Strarf, who tells her she is a specialised Shinki developed as a weapon and takes her back to a secret institute. After hearing the situation from a man named Ken, Tsubasa goes with him to infiltrate the institute and save Kaguya, who had once again gone berserk. As Tsubasa manages to get Kaguya back to her senses, a large weaponized Shinki named Athena activates and goes out of control. As Strarf puts herself in Athena's body to try and control her, Kaguya and Tsubasa become determined to get her back and together manage to defeat Athena. Afterwards, Strarf joins up with Kaguya and Tsubasa, who begins working at Ken's hobby shop.

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