• AnimeFanCCS

    I love Anime and Manga.

    And I have many favorite Animes and Mangas.

    So here are a few interesting Websites about Anime and Manga.,asc&mode=detail&page=1&ref_=kw_ref_key

    Here you can support Anime and Manga by watch them. Website:

    I love this Fan Wiki.

    Anime and Manga – Fan Janine Bartl Germany

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  • Thereselovesyou
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  • Kirbyfan100

    unknown anime?

    October 23, 2016 by Kirbyfan100

    I remember going online and finding this anime, I don't know the name of it but I do remember 2 male protagonist chasing a girl walking with a purple flame with a ghost like hand in it. if anyone knows what anime and what episode of it this is could you tell me?

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  • Jasper the Quartz Gem

    A in development anime series of mine I am coming up with so far I don't have a title for it yet, but it has some characters I decided to make this blog post just to have a place to post them real fast, more explanation on them will be coming soon

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  • Thereselovesyou
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  • DaigoUKnow

    I am a long-standing wiki user, and even run some wikis of my own.

    However, my main focus is on Daigotaku, an organization of sorts where pretty much anyone in the anime community can be a part of. I have recently done a review of Black Lagoon, and tend to make posts on shows that I am currently watching, or have finished. Our Facebook page is lacking in the likes department. But I am hoping for it to grow more. Please consider supporting us. I'll leave links down below for convenience.

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  • Jasper the Quartz Gem

    I am writing a storyline called Paranormal Investigators Extroadinare which has the two main characters Sarah Croft and Johnny Ghost, I will tell more another time, I just wanted to get to show the characters first of all.

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  • 763492


    Please list the names (any number of names) of anime female characters (from not only anime, but also from video games, light novels, etc.), who're teens and young adults but not children, with their cutesy childlike high-pitched voices.

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  • 763492

    I know there's already been an American-made animated film adaptation based on anime, which is 2005 Astro Boy movie, but what if The Walt Disney Company would think of adapting some of those Japanese animes/mangas into their own animated film adaptations as well, if they get the rights? And to be honest, I didn't mean that they could pick up the anime films, that're already been made in Japan, so they could dub them into their own versions, just like they've already did with those Studio Ghibli films, I meant if they could faithfully adapt those Japanese cartoons, whatever they can find, into their American-made film versions, just like they did with those old fairy tales into films. Get it?

    If possible, then what animes and/or mangas (that…

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  • Shino Shoujo

    Lately, I have grown very found of watching psychological thrillers, such as Serial experiments Lain, Boogiepop Phantom, and countless others. As trying to feed my hunger to watch more, I stumbled upon a thriller known as Ergo Proxy. The character dynamics seemed good, setting was very fitting for the show, and the cliff hangers left you wanting for more. Yet, I didnt feel as satisfied with it as I was with Lain. Some scenes felt a little rushed and those statues, though. In conclusion, if you are ever interested in watching this show, for the best experience watch it without knowing anything about it. Go into the show ignorant about the plot, you are bound to enjoy it more. If you feel otherwise , message me. I would like to hear your …

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  • Lightbuster30

    Name : Daren Malloy Gender : MaKe Body : Short messy hair colored medium black, hair directly near the ear is braided, eyes are blue, has cleapatra nose, medium slim body tipe. Personallity : Serville, works as No1 servant of the immortal Lady Shimmershine, he is subjective to others, and usually doesn;t question. Has an strict yet held back demeanor, often an snarker, brutal in fights yet tries to show mercy if at all possible. Has poor sense of humour, ususally extreamly deadpan, not easily caught off gaurd. Powers and abilities Has eaten the devil fruit know as darkness eternal, The fruit that blckbeard ate was not darkness based, but based on dark matter, hence it's gravitational powers. Powers include: Illusuion manupulation, by manipula…

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  • Leajey

    My List

    November 25, 2015 by Leajey

    Hey, I decided to do a list of all the anime I've seen in order from favorite to least favorite. I'm pretty new to anime so these anime are the only one I've seen so if you have any recommendations that would be great :D

    Honestly this list is more for me than for anyone else. Just so I can keep track of what I've watched.


    1. Hunter x Hunter (2011)
    2. Attack on Titan
    3. Death Note
    4. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
    5. Code Geass
    6. Gurren Lagann
    7. Fullmetal Alchemist
    8. One Punch Man
    9. Soul Eater
    10. Blue Exorcist
    11. Kill la Kill
    12. Sword Art Online II
    13. Sword Art Online
    14. Soul Eater Not!

    Movies Honestly, all of the movies I've seen so far are pretty meh, except Ponyo.

    1. Ponyo
    2. Blue Exorcist: The Movie
    3. Fullmetal Alchemist the Movie: Conqueror of Shamballa
    4. Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Mi…

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  • Animefreakgirl1

    anime list

    Blue Spring Ride School Days Cute high school earth defense club Tokyo ghoul High school of the dead Highschool DxD Library Wars itzuma na kiss diabolic loves 1/2 magical warfare

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  • May8392

    sleepover plans

    October 24, 2015 by May8392

    sleepover plans

    8;30 dinner 8;40 get pjs on 8;50 pillow fight 9;00 watch movies on tablet 9;30 do nails 9;40 makeover time 9;50 pictures 10;00 bed time Read more >
  • KingDaedalus

    Holy shit. Just... WTF? That pretty much sums up my experience with Elfen Lied. As much as I enjoyed it, it isn't for the faint of heart. Unless you have the capacity to deal with plenty of nudity, an excess of severed limbs, and a misogynistic prick who pretty much instantly merits your disgust, I suggest backing out slowly... now.

    This is a very mature show (not hentai, sorry), and that entails lots of blood and gore. I would warn you of the spoilers I am about to drop, but like atom bombs, it may already be too late (it isn't).

    The animations, first off, are good. I feel like they could've been better, and I am never wrong, so I was a bit disappointed that such a good show didn't go all out with them. Still, they did what they needed to d…

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  • KingDaedalus

    So, at this point, I realize that I should stop watching half a damn series when I am supposed to be reviewing its pilot. Indeed, I am falling into a pattern. That might be a good sign. Yes. I 'enjoy' these shows in question. Log horizon is certainly no exception. I did find plenty of entertainment in it, despite the fact that its plot is basically Sword Art Online's with less risk. I was thoroughly captivated by the graphics, and while its characters haven't brought down any walls and ushered in a new millennium (did you know there were two 'N's in 'millennium'? I didn't.) they were enough to not make me violently punch a wall. Huzzah.

    Now to the fun part, where I can ruin it for everybody. Just kidding of course, but there are a few spoil…

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  • KingDaedalus

    Before I start, yes, I know that Attack on Titan is a massively successful franchise with a multitude of seasons worth of content. Yes, I know that my finalized opinion sucks and I deserve to rot in hell. Please, save your breath. I suppose the reason I am going through the effort is to make aware a great anime show for those noobs looking for something to ease them in. Maybe giant naked monsters who eat people isn't the best way to do that, but I'll be damned if I am going to miss my chance to review this show.

    There are spoilers on the horizon, unless you've already seen AoT and are only here for the kicks, or unless you simply just don't care, jump ship now. My final rating can be found at the bottom of the page.

    So, first off, the animatio…

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  • KingDaedalus

    GATE Episode One Review

    September 15, 2015 by KingDaedalus

    GATE, despite being comedic in nature and although making a show of its sexual attraction to the fairer race, actually grabbed my attention and held it. It may not be the legendary must-see anime of the year, and it isn't for everybody, but it had an enjoyable story-line, distinctive characters, and fantastic animations, all of which make for a rather entertaining experience. If you are into the whole "fantasy world meets modern world and shit ensues" sort of show, you are doing yourself a favor by watching this.

    This is the part where I warn you about the spoilers ahead, like a sign on the road informing you of roadwork. Either turn back now or hold onto your hat.

    The most noticeable feature upon first watching this are its fantastic graphi…

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  • KingDaedalus

    I was far from impressed by the first episode of God Eater, for a few overt reasons. The plot was recycled from the most overused story lines in Japanese television. Giant monsters come out of nowhere and threaten humanity's existence, and can only be stopped by a chosen few who wield over-sized swords and laser guns. The chosen ones just happen to be teenage bad asses who wield their reprocessed personalities and generic appearances as well as their weaponry. The female characters are essentially just sexual objects, predictably, but it is the pseudo-3D animations that are pretty much what close the curtains for me. There are a few salvageable parts that succeed in grabbing my interest, but I was overall disappointed.

    I probably don't need …

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  • KingDaedalus

    So, at first glance, SCHOOL-LIVE! seemed like just another manga-style anime that followed the most generic set of guidelines there is. A show about a group of uniformed high school girls. The only reason I added it to my queue on crunchyroll (my primary medium for streaming anime) was because of the final word appearing on its description before it was cut off: 'survive.' For a while, up until around the final leg of the episode, it embodied my original impression perfectly. Honestly, I don't know why I stuck around until the end, but I am glad I did.

    I'll go ahead and warn you that there are spoilers ahead. This is a review and the show already has a season's worth of content available by now anyways. If you don't want it to be ruined for y…

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  • Kt rocks 101

    awesome right? all my school stuff this year is gonna be anime manga and vocaloid themed.

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  • Lightbuster30

    Name: Subject 0 AKA: Rei, his name means Zero in Japanese. This is an reference to the fact that of his 9 other artificially made brothers he was an prototype. This is because although he is 1 of 10 siblings he does not count as the first sibling as he was an prototype, which precedes the completed project. Thus he and his siblings are actually numbered Subjects 0-9.

    Appearance: He has black messy hair with golden irises. An thinish body type, with muscle tone underneath. He wears an Black Trench Coat, and Shirt with an Chain wrapped around his chest starting from his right shoulder going down to his left side making the circle around between his waist and left thigh, around his back and to his right shoulder again. Black Skinny Jeans with …

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  • Pokezeldamaster

    In the Buu saga Goku was able to lift 40 tons in base, using the ssj multipliers, ssj3 would be able to list 16,000 tons. To calculate the power increase of ssjgssj we must first find out at minimum how powerful is Beerus? Goku at the end of the namek arc had a power level of 3,000,000, this power level we will use to determine the power of Beerus. Using the multipliers ssj3 Goku whould be 1,200,000,000 and then Beerus using a major battle difference would be 1,320,000,000 with a flick. Since a flick is 1/3,000 of your power this means Beerus supressed is 3,960,000,000,000. Assuming this is 1% of his power his max power would be 396,000,000,000,000. Using Akira Toriyama's comparison of Beerus and ssjg Goku would put ssjg Goku at 237,600,…

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  • J.J. Chambers


    May 25, 2015 by J.J. Chambers

    Hello, everyone!

    Can you join it? If you're interested in them, then here you go.

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  • 763492

    What did you think in the future if Universal Parks & Resorts (a NBCUniversal/Comcast company) would someday team up with AnimeExpo (a fan convention company) to create a teen-orientated fan event for Universal theme parks worldwide that would be themed to anime and manga and aimed towards Otakus (anime fans), like age 12 and older?

    In my own thoughts, If that happens at some point, I think the event would be occurred every summer nights like from June to August and would have attractions based various famous anime icons and franchises like Vocaloid's Hatsune Miku, One Piece, Lucky Star, Azumanga Dioh, Black Lagoon, Naruto, Cowboy Bebop, etc. That way the event would be similar to Halloween Horror Nights event but with anime/manga-theme. What did …

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  • 763492

    Do you have your all-time favorite character or characters from anime and/or manga you dislike and why?

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  • Ppande574

    Shonen Jump

    December 30, 2014 by Ppande574

    Best Anime Fights

    1. Goku vs. Vegeta (Saiyan Saga) - The first major battle in Dragon Ball Z, and the first showdown between the two main characters. (Outcome: Draw, Goku is unable to fight back, Vegeta retreats.)

    2. Kenpachi vs. Gremmy - His shikai is finally shown in this volume- long showdown against the strongest sternritter. Gremmy has the power to create whatever he wants from his mind, and uses these powers against Zaraki. (Outcome: Kenpachi is victorious.)

    3.Naruto vs. Sasuke (Final Fight)- Last battle between the two friends, and the end of Naruto. It was a long awaited fight. (Outcome: Draw)

    4. Goku vs. Frieza - Extremely long (4 hours), but probably the most brutal fight in anime. Super Saiyan transformation is revealed. (Outcome: G…

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  • Spartian300

    Hi there.

    November 29, 2014 by Spartian300

    I am new here. And I would like to say that I am working on my own manga. The title is Freaks. It's about strange mythological creatures that have been rejected by both the human and mystical world. What do you all think?

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  • DemonicAtom

    Again appears a funny trend in Twitter users in Japan. This time the trend of the combined images of anime characters mixed with pieces of the picture pregnancy tests showing that, yes, the character is pregnant.

    This trend started with a tweet by Twitter user with @Gorxxx_ account (which has now been removed) the upload template images pregnancy test kits that can be easily placed on the drawing anime characters.

    Surely in a flash templates are used in a wide variety of anime character drawing (and non-anime as well), either Waifu them, or to just comedy.

    Obviously not only the character of a woman who becomes the target of this meme. For the sake of comedy (or fujoshi dream), many male characters become victims.

    If you want to find more pictur…

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  • DemonicAtom

    There's one thing readers need to understand before we get into the strangeness that is Domino's Japan's latest coupon promotion. Domino's Japan's image is vastly different than its U.S. counterpart. Domino's Japan is weird but in a completely harmless, off-the-wall sort of way. The company comes up with strange ad campaigns and jokes, like discounts for customers who own parakeets or wear twin-tails.

    The pizza company's latest gag claimed they were closing their online ordering site, only to turn around and say they're reopening it the following day. That doesn't make it any less tragic though! So the company launched a promotional campaign asking customers to show their sadness over the site's closure in order to score some cheap pizza.


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  • 763492

    Would that be interesting if theme parks would someday be included the annual events themed to anime/manga that would be aimed towards fans of anime and manga (Otakus)? Yeah! That would be a good idea. And in my head, it would be contained with four attractions based on anime characters and franchises along the way. What would you think?

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  • Asnow89
    Head over to the Fashion Wikia to VOTE for the winning entry. We have eight finalists that made it to the voting round! Don't forget - the winner gets a prize, so spread the word!

    Hey there!
    Are you as obsessed with anime fashion as we are? Would you love to rock red knee-high boots like Sailor Moon or do you want to dye your hair pink like Cure Blossom? Then this is the contest for you!

    For this month's Closet Confidential, we want YOU to give your favorite anime heroine a real world makeover. Design an outfit for one of four anime characters for the chance to win this month's contest!

    Here's how to Enter:

    1. You must be a registered user logged in to Wikia. Create an account here!
    Note: You MUST leave a logged in comment to win.
    2. Assemble a modern …

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  • Brian Linder

    Wikia’s preparing to take San Diego Comic-Con 2014 by storm along with a legion of #WikiaLive superfans! We know many of you are already going, but WE WANT YOU to enlist in our “Fan Army.”

    Tell us you’re going by filling out this form and -- as we’ve done in year’s past -- we’ll do what we can to give those of you among our ranks an awesome fan experience. That may include VIP perks like celeb meet ‘n’ greets, party access, and other fun opportunities!

    We’ll start right now! We have room for six Los Angeles-based fans to ride in our train down to San Diego (departing the morning of Wednesday, July 23)... absolutely free! We’ll even throw in a ticket BACK to L.A. (we’re not gonna leave you stranded). The first six Angelenos to sign up will re…

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  • Sxerks

    Will be changing the wiki features to the Message Wall and New Forum soon. Leave any questions or comments on this blog. Note anything that may need to be moved from the Forum.

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  • Mat5udairashi

    Yep, indeed I am. I'm actually very new to this Wiki thing, and I would have to say, pretty awesome place(s). But as a complete and total newb to all of this, I'm kind'a lost with this Wiki code stuff, but I am eager to learn! Maybe some day I might even have my own Wiki page, I doubt it though. But anyways, who exactly is Mat5udairashi?

    Well, here's 8 random things about me that might help you out:

    1. My real names Douglas, but most people call me Doug.
    2. I'm 22 and I live in 'bonny' Scotland, Edinburgh to be exact! But I'll be moving to Toronto, Canada. 
    3. For around 3 years I did Digital Arts at University. Which consisted in Animation, Computer/Digital drawing/painting, storyboarding.
    4. I was part of the team that's currently making Fanon: The Resto…
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  • Crawler3333

    Some months ago I wrote a pretty weird fanfic, and I thought it was cool to promote it here. I hope I didn't use the wrong place to post it. At any rate, here is the synopsys:

    "Azusa finds herself in a future where Yui rules the world with the power of moe. A crazy, bittersweet story about love, friendship and the true meaning of happiness. Content Warning: Suggestive Themes."

    Here is the link to the actual thing, in case you got curious:

    I hope you'll take the time to read it, and possibly let me know what you think about it. If you do, I'll be immensely grateful.

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  • XD1
    VIZ Media & ComiXology Announce Digital Distribution Agreement

    More than 500 VIZ Media manga titles are now available on comiXology throughout North America including NARUTO, ONE PIECE, BLEACH, & more!

    June 10th, 2014 – New York, NY / San Francisco, CA – Today comiXology, the revolutionary cloud-based digital comics platform, and VIZ Media, the largest distributor and licensor of manga and anime in North America, announced a digital distribution agreement to bring fan-favorite manga series to comiXology’s entire platform across North America.

    To celebrate this announcement, VIZ Media has made available today more than 500 volumes of fan-favorite manga series on comiXology including NARUTO, ONE PIECE, BLEACH, NANA & more! Manga fans will be abl…

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  • FortressMaximus

    How has anime faired outside its home country of Japan? How is anime viewed outside of the English-speaking world? Comment what anime you believe to be popular in your country and where.

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  • FortressMaximus

    Final Score:N/a --FortressMaximus #2014YearofMecha (Talk) 17:38, May 8, 2014 (UTC)--FortressMaximus #2014YearofMecha (Talk) 17:38, May 8, 2014 (UTC)

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  • FortressMaximus

    Collaborate and cross-link sites and help build a mecha fandom community on Wikia.

    Place either of the following on your site's main page:

    Colummn Box code:

    Pages Name URL Admin(s)
    1 Doamaiger D Wiki
    4 Orguss Wiki
    17 Fafner in the Azure Wiki
    18 J9 Wiki
    28 Golden Warrior Gold Lightan Wiki
    30 Dai-Shogun - Great Revolution Wiki
    53 Martian Successor Nadesico Wiki
    54 M3 the dark metal Wiki
    68 Junk: Record of the Last Hero Wiki
    113 Captain Earth Wiki
    User:PrimeFox, User:BGMaxie, User:FortressMaximus
    194 CROSS ANGE Wiki
    User:FortressMaximus,User:Lord Odin93
    204 ALDNOAH.ZERO Wiki

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  • Queennicolee

    Skip Beat! Wiki

    March 24, 2014 by Queennicolee

    Skip Beat! revolves around a young girl named Kyoko Mogami who went with her childhood friend, Sho Fuwa, to Tokyo to pursue his dream of becoming a music idol. Kyoko supports Sho by working three jobs at once everyday. Fate happens when Kyoko overhears Sho dismissing her as a boring wallflower. Furious, Kyoko vows to get her revenge by defeating him in the entertainment world. Along the way, she meets different people, including her best friend, Kanae Kotonami and the number one actor, the most desirable man in japan, Ren Tsuruga.

    The series has been also adapted into an anime, video game and a live-action drama.

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  • Brbobbiy

    Hey wikia people out there somewhere whereever you are, I Brbobbiy would really verry be happy to anouce this is now the verry first/1st animanga blog for/four/4 wikia so as a honor of I would like to celebrate it on april 6th/sixth this year at/@ main/mane event near the tinseltown area. Hope to/too/two/2 c/C/see/sea a lot of people there. Bye.

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  • NightHawk316


    December 4, 2013 by NightHawk316

    I used to watch this anime with the girl in the middle but I don't remember the name, do you guys know the anime?

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  • Torquil

    Shokugeki no SOMA Wikipedia!

    November 28, 2013 by Torquil

    Shokugeki-no Soma (食戟のソーマ, Shokugeki-no Soma) is a Japanese manga about cooking and culinary skills serialized in  Weekly Shōnen Jump ! from November 2012, written by Tsukuda Yuto and illustrated by Shun Saeki/ TOSH in collaboration with famous chef Morisaki Yuki. 

    Shokugeki no Soma tells the story of a boy named Yukihira Soma , whose dream is to become a full time chef in his father's restaurant and surpass his father's culinary skills. But just as Soma graduates from middle school, his father, Yukihira Jouichiro , closes down the restaurant to cook in Europe. Although downtrodden, Soma's fighting spirit is rekindled by a challenge from Jouichiro which is to survive in an elite culinary school where only 10% of the students graduate. Can S…

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  • BTT9000Returns

    What was that anime

    November 20, 2013 by BTT9000Returns

    Well, I was goofing off one day one Dad's phone with his Youtube App and I saw a video by "sorefni" who uploaded a video of an anime woman with raven black hair getting down on the floor with her arms and legs spead straightly out showing both her exposed breasts and vagina while she is screaming "Noooooooooooo!" and later fades out in black. In case anyone saw that video by sorefni or that anime the video was based off of, Let me know. This was just a question for those who ever had memories of that OVA.

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  • Gcheung28

    Super exciting news, animanga fans! Takashi Okazaki (Afro Samurai) decided to treat the dedicated writers of Collaborative Writing Project: Red Bat to a little something: a fresh new image for the story! Check it out below.

    If you remember the character description, you'll recognize this person as The Girl! The Girl, as described in the original outline, is "a human and a pro BMX rider, and beat-boxer. While working as a pro-rider for Red Bat, she also participates in Vanarchist activities." Was The Girl how you imagined her to look like? Either way, we're thankful Takashi Okazaki was kind enough to take some time to make this!

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  • Gcheung28

    Wikia and the Masters of Animanga are headed to New York Comic Con! Can't make it this year? Don't sweat it. Just leave a comment with your questions for the Masters!

    We're hosting TWO panels with the anime and manga legends who inspired our recent Masters of Animanga collaborative writing projects: Kazuo Koike (Crying Freeman, Lone Wolf and Cub), Takashi Okazaki (Afro Samurai), Shin-ichi Hiromoto (Hells Angels), Hiro Ikegami (Space Battleship Yamato 2199), and Masao Maruyama (Trigun, Ninja Scroll, Studio Madhouse).

    We'll be talking to them about their legendary careers, industry experience, tips for aspiring artists, future projects, their involvement with the Masters of Animanga collaborative writing project, and more!

    More on all of our NY…

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  • ScorpionTail

    Great Job

    September 21, 2013 by ScorpionTail

    Each of you did a fantastic job with this story, and I congratulate all of you for the very best efforts that you put into making this story. And thank you, Kate.moon, for letting me end the story for you.

    Also, I hope that there will be fan-art of TAO: Rize of the Ying-yang coming soon.

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  • Jottie22

    Quick disclaimer, I am in no way trying to reestablish, reinterpret, contradict, or otherwise tamper with the set rules of the Masters of Animanga collaborative project. What follows are tips and suggestions geared towards etiquette and contribution to be followed or ignored at the readers' discretion. Any offense is unintended.

    Avoid extended casts, work with limited characters. This gives you the opportunity to develop personalities, establish believable characters, and write smoother dialogue.

    While it's given that this is a collaborative effort, it may be more productive for only one person to design the dialogue of one specific character. This will prevent arbitrary changes in perspective and experiences from each character. That being…

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  • Staw-Hat Luffy

    Gender Categories

    September 19, 2013 by Staw-Hat Luffy

    Hi all, I saw that you don't make forums on this wiki so I'm gonna say it in a blog. So, I was thinking that it would be way easier for the users of this wiki if we make categories for every gender of manga. Eg, we should make a Category:Shōnen, Category:Shōjo, Category:Seinen and so on. If we do that, we don't need to hurry to add them in the articles, just add them whenever you edit an article that doesn't have them already. So, do you agree or disagree with this change?

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