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Bio-Meat: Nectar is a completed series published in Weekly Shōnen Champion magazine by Fujisawa Yuki.


It takes place in the future, where a world food shortage and growing landfill problem plague humanity. Researchers in Japan use genetic engineering to create Bio-Meat, or B-M for short, in 2002. They are genetically modified creatures that are easy to breed, and provide a viable food source for the whole world. In addition, they will eat anything, even inorganic materials like plastic and vinyl, with the exceptions of glass, fiberglass, and metal. The main character is Maaya Kan, an elementary school student who has recently moved from Osaka to Tokyo, and is having trouble adjusting due to his violent personality and strange sense of humor. The area he lives in is right outside the B-M processing facility. When an earthquake strikes, there is a containment breach and the B-M break out and destroy the town, eating everything and anyone that happens to get in their path.

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