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Ben-To Wiki
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Ben-To (ベン・トー, Ben Tō) is a Japanese light novel series written by Asaura, with illustrations by Kaito Shibano. The first volume was published in February 2008, and eight volumes have been released by Shueisha as of February 2011. A manga adaptation titled Ben To Zero: Road to Witch, also illustrated by Shibano, began serialization in Super Dash Manga Program, a separate volume included with the combined May/June 2011 issue of Jump Square. An anime TV series adaptation produced by David Production will begin airing in Japan in October 2011.


The story revolves around a poor high school student named Yō Satō. Satō goes to the supermarket one day and discovers a bentō (boxed meal) on sale at half price. Just as he reaches to grab it, he ends up on the floor unconscious. Satō has just entered the fierce, no-holds-barred "supermarket survival battle" for half-price bentō.

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