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Bastard Cover Vol 27

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Bastard!! (Basutādo!! Ankoku no Hakaishin) is a Japanese manga by Kazushi Hagiwara. Bastard!! is a post-apocalyptic series that blends heavy metal and Dungeons & Dragons for a classic dystopian fantasy setting. It closely follows the adventures of Dark Schneider, a 400 year old wizard, who came close to conquoring the world with his army. But 15 years ago, he was sealed away when he attempted to reincarnate himself into a new body. Upon being released, he quickly sets out to make those who crossed him pay and to take over the world.

Bastard!! first came out in 1988, and was first published by Shueisha in Weekly Shōnen Jump but was later moved to Ultra Jump. It has been collected into 27 tankoban volumes, with the series still ongoing. The series was also publish in English by Viz Media, and had ran until Volume 19 before being ending with no further plans for release.

In 1992 an anime OAV, based upon Bastard!!, was released by AIC (Anime International Company). The series spans only six episodes and some-what follows the initial arc of the manga. The two final episodes were never created, leaving the OAV with a cliffhanger ending. In 1995, Pioneer released an English version of the OAV in North America.


Dark Schneider, the most powerful wizard in the world, along with his four generals came close to conquoring the entire planet. But after a tough battle, being defeated and lying close to death, Dark Schneider cast a spell to reincarnate into a new body. To prevent Dark Schneider from wreaking havok once again, the high priest of the kingdom, Metalicana, cast a spell to seal him away in the body of his new incarnation.

Fifteen years later, Dark Schneider's four generals have gathered together as the Four Riders of Havok, and have begun spreading out, destroying kingdoms. When they attack Metalicana with their army of monsters, they easily breach their defenses. Knowing that the kingdom faces extermination, the high-priest of Meta-Licana declares their only hope for survival is releasing Dark Schneider. But will their greatest enemy help the Kingdom of Metalicana or will he will he let them be destroyed as vengeance for sealing him away?

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