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Asu Tsubaki (椿あす, Tsubaki Asu) is a female mangaka from Nagasaki, Japan, who graduated from Yoyogi Animation Gakuin.

In 2000, she received attention for winning a manga award from Gangan Comics for her work Healthy Love, which is about a cross-dressing boy. Her ex-husband, Mattsu, is a manga storywriter. The two divorced in June 2008. Their collaboration He Is My Master was made into a TV anime.


  • He Is My Master. Gangan Powered (story: Mattsu)
  • Sekai no Kizuna, cover and insert drawings. Kadokawa Sneaker Bunko
  • Komatsu-kun Biyori. Gangan Powered, later Gangan Online
  • Maid o Nerae!: Nakabayashi kōchō no Yabō. Dragon Age Pure (story: Mattsu)
  • Bansōkō no Yūwaku. Dragon Age Pure
  • Boku wa Senpai no 〇〇〇, cover illustration. Senpai Anthology
  • Honey Crush. Comic Yurihime S
  • Charmant Boy. Josō Shōnen Anthology
  • Comic Lily Vol. 1 cover illustration. Rice River Comics

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