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Anime Oyako Gekijou (SUPERBOOK) The Animated Parent-Child Theatre Wiki
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Anime Oyako Gekijō アニメ 親子劇場 or Animated Parent-Child Theatre' is a religious anime series that began in 1981. Its English dub was called "Superbook". The first season had 26 episodes, and a new season in 1983 had another 26. Plus there is a new 3D series produced in the West around 2010.

In 1982 a related series called Time Classroom: Adventures of The Flying House (タイム教室 トンデラハウスの大冒険 Taimu Kyōshitsu: Tondera Hausu no Daibōken?) or just Flying House also had 52 episodes and involved time travelers exploring biblical themes. Together there were 108 episodes.



The son of a famous scientist and his friends explore biblical events.

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