• A local Animanga Article, like Naruto, Minami-ke, etc. Create it here.
  • A referback in your Wiki-navigation: *w:c:animanga|Anime/Manga Hub (# of * may vary)
  • A referback to the Hub Article, if there is room in your Wiki-navigation: **w:c:animanga:YOUR_article_NAME|YOUR_article_NAME

Invisible white logo on white background

  • w:c:YOURwikiName:File:Wiki-wordmark.png (250x65) logo added through the Theme designer
    • Beware if your wiki logo had only one color and transparency! In certain conditions, the logo may not be visible due to low contrast with site background.
  • w:c:YOURwikiName:File:Favicon.ico 16x16 icon file added through the Theme designer
  • And, of course, the footer {{w:animangafooter}} on the main page.

In general, depending on the amount of requests, wait 6 months to a year before reapplying. 6 months being low amount of requests, and a year being a high amount.

3 wikis will be picked each month, more can be suggested, as a variety of genres is preferred.

January 2018Edit

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December 2018Edit

Other QuestionsEdit

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