Welcome to the Wiki Spotlight page
Spotlighting for animanga wiki on the Animanga Wiki's main page

The Animanga Wiki spotlights various wiki on its main page. Normally these are lesser-known wiki that could use contributors.

Of course there are some criteria for spotlighting.

  • A wiki needs to be here on Wikia
  • A wiki needs to have a few actual contributors to the wiki.
  • The wiki needs some content already, or helpful hints on how to help out.
  • It must have a link back to the Animanga wiki.
    • In the Wiki-navigation(if there is room) as:**w:c:animanga|Anime/Manga Hub
      • or in the Wiki-navigation(main dropdown) as:*w:c:animanga|Anime/Manga Hub
    • And on the main page as one of the footers, {{w:animangafooter}} or {{w:ACGBox}}
    • We're trying to network wiki together, spotlighting without links in the reverse direction don't aid the flow of users. Simple promotion via series articles doesn't require this of course.
  • With the exception of established wiki with a heavily vandalized main page, the main page must not be fully protected, and should only be semi protected if shown to be necessary.

Have an idea for a good spotlight? Create a new section on the talkpage suggesting it.

Do Spotlights Work?Edit

It depends, for wikis with high traffic already, probably not, for low traffic wikis, yes. Although it helps increase traffic to the wiki, it doesn't mean there will be new contributors, maybe just readers.

Prior to using the cross-wiki footer(Apr 2010), there wasn't much change in traffic to spotlit wikis. After the footer was used there was much clearer traffic spikes on some wikis.

Here are a couple of examples of a traffic spike during a spotlight:

You can view your wikis traffic at:, just change the url. access removed by Wikia, though you can see any changes in your admin dashboard quickstats.

To do for monthly update

Spotlights Edit

Date 1st 2nd 3rd
December 2017 w:c:suisei-no-gargantia w:c:magi w:c:skip-beat
November 2017 w:c:yuyuyu w:c:sekaiichi w:c:inuyasha
October 2017 w:c:geneitaiyo w:c:lagrange-the-flower-of-rinne w:c:91-days
September 2017 w:c:gundam w:c:chronosruler w:c:robot-x-laserbeam
August 2017 w:c:ben-to w:c:kubera w:c:gosu
July 2017 w:c:no-game-no-life w:c:magician w:c:tylor
June 2017 w:c:hai-furi w:c:unordinary w:c:bigwindup
May 2017 w:c:nyaruko w:c:accelworld w:c:haibanerenmei
April 2017 w:c:nadesico w:c:cardcaptorsakura w:c:ghostintheshell
March 2017 w:c:fafner w:c:darwins-game w:c:hyouka
February 2017 w:c:toloveru w:c:toloveru w:c:toloveru
January 2017 w:c:animanga w:c:animanga w:c:animanga
December 2016 w:c:strike-the-blood w:c:jump w:c:schoolrumble
November 2016 w:c:animanga w:c:animanga w:c:animanga
October 2016 w:c:yurionice w:c:keijo w:c:bigwindup
September 2016 w:c:nanolist w:c:bastard-webtoon w:c:gosu-webtoon
August 2016 w:c:berserk w:c:tenkuu-shinpan w:c:horimiya
July 2016 w:c:mob-psycho-100 w:c:godofhighschool w:c:towerofgod
June 2016 w:c:kuragehime w:c:cardcaptorsakura w:c:angelbeats
May 2016 w:c:ajin w:c:bibleblack w:c:bastard-webtoon
April 2016 w:c:nichijou w:c:bokunoheroacademia w:c:macross
March 2016 w:c:prison-school w:c:gangsta w:c:sidekicks
February 2016 w:c:gosu-webtoon w:c:gosu-webtoon w:c:gosu-webtoon
January 2016 w:c:mob-psycho-100 w:c:arslansenki w:c:durarara
December 2015 w:c:towerofgod w:c:strike-the-blood w:c:madoka
November 2015 w:c:dice w:c:eiyuu-kyoushitsu w:c:utanoprincesama
October 2015 w:c:sidekicks w:c:haikyuu w:c:kiseijuu
September 2015 w:c:skip-beat w:c:prison-school w:c:charlotte-anime
August 2015 w:c:bokunoheroacademia w:c:gangstamanga w:c:haruhi
July 2015 w:c:dirtypair w:c:twin-star-exorcists w:c:oresamateacher
June 2015 w:c:ushioandtora w:c:babysteps w:c:bibleblack
May 2015 w:c:yakushokudistpiari-gesellshaftblue w:c:highschooldxd w:c:kurokonobasuke
April 2015 w:c:macross w:c:rakshasa-street w:c:akatsukinoyona
March 2015 w:c:robotech w:c:shinmaimaou w:c:ao-haru-ride
February 2015 w:c:thebreaker w:c:kekkai-sensen w:c:taiyou-no-ie
January 2015 w:c:utanoprincesama w:c:skip-beat w:c:princeoftennis
December 2014 w:c:hirunakanoryuusei w:c:terraformars w:c:bokunoheroacademia
November 2014 w:c:iriszero w:c:tokyoghoul w:c:nanatsu-no-taizai
October 2014 w:c:accelworld w:c:swordartonline w:c:kaichouwamaidsama
September 2014 w:c:bibleblack w:c:onepunchman w:c:kikoshojowakizutsukanai
August 2014 w:c:akamegakill w:c:macross w:c:d-fragments
July 2014 w:c:no-game-no-life w:c:berserk w:c:toradora
June 2014 w:c:neppukairikubushiroad w:c:tegamibachi w:c:vinlandsaga
May 2014 w:c:otokojuku w:c:shokugekinosoma w:c:godofhighschool
April 2014 w:c:junkrecordofthelasthero w:c:spiceandwolf w:c:owarinoseraph
March 2014 w:c:uruseiyatsura w:c:aread w:c:nyankoi
February 2014 w:c:jackals w:c:dragonsrioting w:c:yokokuhan
January 2014 w:c:ansatsukyoshitsu w:c:worldtrigger w:c:drifters
December 2013 w:c:princeoftennis w:c:natsumeyuujinchou w:c:shinmai-maou-no-keiyakusha
November 2013 w:c:outbreak-company w:c:coppelion w:c:opartshunter
October 2013 w:c:thebreaker w:c:toarumajutsunoindex w:c:nanatsu-no-taizai
September 2013 w:c:kami-nichi w:c:bdaman w:c:07ghost
August 2013 w:c:terraformars w:c:bastard w:c:animanga
July 2013 w:c:battle-spirits w:c:berserk w:c:bakemonogatari
June 2013 w:c:karneval w:c:gamaran w:c:kodomonojikan
May 2013 w:c:medakabox w:c:onepunchman w:c:kaichouwamaidsama
April 2013 w:c:toarumajutsunoindex w:c:dirtypair w:c:shingekinokyojin
March 2013 w:c:arcanafamiglia w:c:greenblood w:c:worldtrigger
February 2013 w:c:nanatsu-no-taizai w:c:toriko w:c:ansatsukyoshitsu
January 2013 w:c:vivid-red-operation w:c:lagrange-the-flower-of-rinne w:c:highschool-of-the-dead
December 2012 w:c:beyblade w:c:shinmaifukeikirukosan w:c:steins-gate
November 2012 w:c:jormungand w:c:bdaman w:c:akamegakill
October 2012 w:c:magi w:c:k-project w:c:samurai-7
September 2012 w:c:deathnote w:c:babysteps w:c:minami-ke
August 2012 w:c:ansatsukyoshitsu w:c:inuyasha w:c:lovehina
July 2012 w:c:ratman w:c:genesis-horizon w:c:zatchbell
June 2012 w:c:shakugan w:c:springtimeofyouth w:c:senseinobulge
May 2012 w:c:kurokonobasuke w:c:tegamibachi w:c:tasogare-otome
April 2012 w:c:medakabox w:c:lou w:c:magi
March 2012 w:c:aonoexorcist w:c:highschool-of-the-dead w:c:natsumeyuujinchou
February 2012 w:c:beelzebub w:c:blackrockshooter w:c:haruhi
January 2012 w:c:bakemonogatari w:c:ben-to w:c:inuxbokuss
December 2011 w:c:un-go w:c:chihayafuru w:c:tasogare-otome
November 2011 w:c:btooom w:c:stars w:c:shakugan
October 2011 w:c:lastexile w:c:claymore w:c:fushigiyuugi
September 2011 w:c:xxxholic w:c:kurokonobasuke w:c:kodomonojikan
August 2011 w:c:blackrockshooter w:c:no6 w:c:penguindrum
July 2011 w:c:nurarihyonnomago w:c:beelzebub w:c:deadmanwonderland
June 2011 w:c:nogamineuro w:c:hokenshitsunoshinigami w:c:magico
May 2011 w:c:enigma w:c:sketdance w:c:steins-gate
April 2011 w:c:aonoexorcist w:c:medakabox w:c:kaminomi
March 2011 w:c:satoshikon w:c:ultimo w:c:kenichi
February 2011 w:c:dothack w:c:dgrayman w:c:gosick
January 2011 w:c:beelzebub w:c:nurarihyonnomago w:c:clannad
December 2010 w:c:reborn w:c:toarumajutsunoindex w:c:naruto
November 2010 w:c:caseclosed w:c:fairytail w:c:ghostintheshell
October 2010 w:c:mitsudomoe w:c:kaminomi w:c:claymore
September 2010 w:c:xxxholic w:c:airgear w:c:professor-layton
August 2010 w:c:fushigiyuugi w:c:rosariovampire w:c:souleater
July 2010 w:c:appleseed w:c:hellsing w:c:lovehina
June 2010 w:c:reborn w:c:kuroshitsuji w:c:sekirei
May 2010 w:c:clannad w:c:hokuto w:c:ranma
April 2010 w:c:toarumajutsunoindex w:c:onepiece w:c:prettycure
March 2010 w:c:saintseiya w:c:shakugan w:c:nanoha
February 2010 w:c:bakugan w:c:gakuenalice w:c:trigun
January 2010 w:c:shugochara w:c:vampireknight w:c:hetalia
December 2009 w:c:darkerthanblack w:c:hayatenogotoku w:c:codegeass
November 2009 w:c:tsubasa w:c:azumanga w:c:bobobo
October 2009 w:c:naruto w:c:haruhi w:c:minami-ke

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