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Aikatsu! is a arcade card game that was later produced into an anime series.


Season 1Edit

Ichigo Hoshimiya is an ordinary middle schooler who works at her mother's bento shop. One day, after attending an idol concert (featuring Mizuki Kanzaki) with Kiriya Aoi (her best frend who has a dedicated knowledge for idols), and Raichi Hoshimiya (Ichigo's little brother), Ichigo was left with a huge impression to become an idol. Later, Aoi told Ichigo that she is going to enroll in a school known as Starlight Academy (a female-only school dedicated in training girls to become idols) and suggests that Ichigo should enroll with her. Soon after taking their respective entrance examinations and getting accepted into the academy, Ichigo begins her life as an idol-in-training.

The series itself primarily focuses on Ichigo's journey to become a famous idol. She goes through the desire to become an idol while going through hardships of distrust.

Season 2Edit

With the rise of new idle school of "Dream Academy", Starlight Academy had been placed in predicament! Large rookie idol with perfect pitch "Seira Otoshiro", and of-course-producer Kī Saegusa, Starlight Academy will start facing a new rival which has appeared one after another, multiplied by the rivalry to take the seat of top idol! The girls driven into Idol Activities with overlap encounter, and interact with a new rival! Ichigo and the others' Idol Activities will continue goes on!

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