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Is Boruto going to get mistuki back ?

We all know what happened in the boruto series, everyone thinks that mitsuki is against hidden leaf well some people. We dont even know if that it is but i think that mitsuki is trying to protect boruto but i dont know but why would mitsuki call boruto his sun he cant call him that for nothing. Everyone watched the scene where mitsuki attacked boruto with lightning snake. This is just like naruto, we all know that boruto will get mitsuki back like naruto did i dont know how but i got a feeling he will
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• 2h

Naruto shippuden

Naruto is an inspiration to everyone, he never give up and he always tries. His friend who's called sasuke uchiha gets revange on his brother for killing his clan. Naruto tried to save sasuke and get him back so he went with a sannin to train for 2 in a half years to become stronger after 2 in a half year of training he came back and had a dream to become the hokage
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• 5h

AnimeLab question

It’s very specific but is anyone aware of the date or around the date that the English dub for AoT S3 will be released?
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• 10h

Aikatsu Stars

Apakah kalian setuju jika AikatsuxAikatsu StarsxAikatsu Friends bercolaborasi menjadi Movie dan semua karakter akan ditayangkan dan.... Semua idol pun menyanyi di satu panggung.. Itu akan menarik😍
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• 14h

Are you ready for ONE PUNCH MAN in 2019

  • No not really
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• 15h

Serious/Funny Animes

Noragami, Fairy Tail, Nanbaka, Bnha and OHSHC(well kinda)
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• 18h


Can some tell me what is a loli?
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• 20h

Which do you like better?

  • Anime is way better 😏
  • Manga is obviously better 🙄
  • I like both of them equally 😍
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• 20h

What do you think of this anime?

Is seven deadly sins a good show?
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• 21h

*Updated* Best duo in anime!!🤧

  • Meliodas + Ban
  • Goku + Vegeta
  • Gon + Killua
  • Kirito + Asuna
  • Naruto + Sasuke
  • Saitama + Genos
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• 22h

Who has better hair?

  • One punch man
  • Sophie Twilight
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• 22h

Who would win (fashion contest)?

  • Ms Beezlebub
  • Natsu
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• 1d

Mod Post

This isn't a place to advertise your YouTube channels or Discord servers. Thanks.

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• 1d

Is anime cartoon

  • duh of course 😑😑😑
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This is basically Fairy Tail:

My little Wizard; Friendship is magic
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• 2d

What is your favorite highschool anime?

Feel free to drop some suggestions..
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• 3d

Anime studio interviews by Tokyo Otaku Mode pt 5

Anime Site Collaboration Project Vol. 5 Polygon Pictures | Tokyo Otaku Mode News
Anime Site Collaboration Project Vol. 5 Polygon Pictures | Tokyo Otaku Mode News @TokyoOtakuMode
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• 3d

The " One-Punch Team "

It is a team made up of Goku ( DB ), Saitama ( one punch man ), Superman ( DC ), The Hulk ( Marvel ), Sakura Haruno ( Naruto ), Kenshiro ( fist of the north star ), JoJo and Star Platinum ( Jojos bizzare adventure ) , and the Colossal Titan( attack on titan)
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What is your favorite ship?

What is your favorite Fairy tail ship ?
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